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In this showreel you will find examples of Amiel's work as a composer and music producer. Typically the work will be original instrumental compositions created to support a visual element.

Daylight Pictures


A love letter to the sci-fi films of our childhood. Watch the #averyshortfilm now on YouTube. Log-line: As extraterrestrial forces vow to eliminate all life on Earth, a young man, son of an infamous space general, must reconcile with his father, before it’s too late. Director's Statement: Avery is a love letter to the sci-fi films of my childhood. I love genre filmmaking as I find it to be extremely rewarding as both a creator and audience member. I wanted to create a grounded story presented through moments of spectacle and ultimately live out my sci-fi fantasies. Among the crazy spectacle and sci-fi elements, I wanted to craft an emotional story about the strained relationship between a father and son. At its core, Avery explores the complex emotions about tradition and parental expectations. Doing genre on low-budget comes with its set of challenges. The sheer number of VFX was extremely daunting, but something I embraced wholeheartedly. Steven Spielberg & George Lucas were two of my biggest sources of inspiration. I love the way Spielberg places his characters within the frame of the action & I attempted to incorporate that here. Visit our site: Follow us on Social Media: Subscribe to the Daylight Pictures YouTube channel for more exclusive content: . . . . . #daylightpictures #scifishortfilm #filmmaker
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